I’ve mentioned many times before that fall and winter are my favorite seasons, but I love how bright and inviting the spa feels during the summertime.  Here are some recent spa pics that convey all the refreshing feelings of summer…

The front porch of the spa.  I love how the bright flowers peer through the fence.

We recently added a beautiful new front desk.  It was originally a bar, but works marvelously in the cozy reception room and makes the ambiance complete.

These beautiful flowers were recently given to me by one of my favorite clients, Nancy Weaver.  She is always bringing me the most lovely flowers from her garden.

A charming bouquet of fluffy peonies (my absolute favorite flower) brighten up our antique tea cart.  Another thoughtful gift from Nancy Weaver.

The retail section of the spa displays our favorite skin and body products from Image and 100% Pure Skincare.

I’m strangely obsessed with my Nicolette statue.  I’ve had this piece since I was 21 and I have carted her along with me for all these years.  I realize she looks a little creepy in this pic but I think she belongs in the spa.  🙂

We’ve recently added jewelry to our spa repertoire!  Check out these beautiful handmade pieces from my Aunt Terrie.

Everyone needs pampering now and then.  Even Guinness comes to spa to unwind. 🙂

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